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Determining the value of Breyer model horses

Value Of Breyer Model Horses

When your hobby becomes the wonderful addiction that many experience when collecting model horse breeds, you may want to start looking at their value. With the range of sizes according to their scale, the number and type of collections available vary greatly. The first thing to do is decide your favorite and begin purchasing those pieces. Go with your heart on this one and begin with the horses you really love and will admire for many years! You may later regret collecting pieces based only on their market value.

Determining the value of Breyer model horses depends on many variables, including, but not solely based on condition. First, the molds originally created to cast the model are a timely process that involves an enormous amount of detail to make the horse look realistic. Final touches such as airbrushing and brush painting give the horse its unique look. Hair color, spotting (or not) and emphasis on specific details down to the color of the whites of their eyes is as individual as the artist that paints them. This process ensures that no two model horses will ever look alike, thus creating instant value as a collectible.

Second; is the horse part of a limited-edition series created for a specific function, organization or purpose such as a popular movie? Depending on the specifics behind the line, the value of Breyer model horses can increase significantly. Be sure to know the details behind the production for future knowledge. They also make a great story to tell your friends and family!

Third; authentic Breyer model horses have the raised marks raised marks on the flank of a back leg to properly identify them. All will include:

  • Year of production
  • Country where manufactured (USA, China or Mexico)
  • "C" (for copyright)
  • One or a combination of the following company markings: "BMC", "B", "Breyer", "Breyer Molding Co." or "Reeves"

Models before 1960 did not have the raised markings, but a sticker or hang tag which may or may not have lasted through the years.

Whatever your desire, Breyer has a model horse that is sure to please. Check out the full line here at WalkAboutFarm.com. And, for expert advice on collecting or caring for your model horses, contact us by email. We'd love to help!

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